The experience

Renee, our photos are amazing! You have done such an incredible job and i am beyond grateful that you were our photographer! These are memories we will have for the rest of our lives and i’m so happy you were there to capture it! Well done girl and as i’ve said a million times, you have the most amazing talent / gift. Thank you.


Renee, we are so blessed to not only know and love you, but you happen to be our wonderfully talented photographer. Judy and i love your work, we love your heart. It’s so easy to see the latter shines through the former. We hope you don’t mind but we want to rave on a lot about you.

  • Andrew and Judy

Renee, where do i even begin?! Thank you so much for all your hard work photographing our wedding. You are such a lovely person with the most beautiful heart. It was a delight sharing our special day with you. The locations you picked were stunning and it was evident throughout the day how much hard work and effort you put in. You are an incredibly talented person with a truly amazing gift! Tom and i were blown away by the sneak peak photos you sent through. We honestly could not be happier and are so excited to see the rest of our photos. Thanks for everything Renee!

  • Hannah and Tom

I’m tagging you in so much stuff and I feel like an obsessive weirdo but THE PHOTOS ARE JUST SO BEAUTIFUL! Sam and I love them and are so thankful for your eye and creativity! We couldn’t have dreamt up more perfect wedding photos. Thank you for being a part of our day and capturing it with such care and love! We are eternally grateful! xx

  • Sam and Dani