Jordan and Cyndi

- Brooklyn, new York -

Being asked to travel across the world to document a love story is something that I had dreamt of for a long time. I am so honoured to be photographing weddings in these incredible locations. Travel is something that inspires me to continually see things differently, through a new lens and it constantly pushes me to explore my creativity.

Jordan and Cyndi brought all their friends and family together from all over the world to celebrate their wedding day. These two are truly the perfect international combo! Cyndi grew up in Australia while Jordan is a New York local. The two of them met in the ski fields of Canada where they fell in love. Jordan then followed his heart and his girl back to Australia where they now live in Burleigh with their four-legged friend Bronte.

Their wedding day was full of love, laughter, alcohol and the most insane views! The ceremony and reception was held at the River Cafe in Dumbo, New York underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. We took a quick trip up on top of the bridge and managed to snap some of the most incredible images of two people who were so obviously infatuated with each other, they made my job such a breeze!

It was such a unique experience, and one that I will never forget. Capturing a surreal sort of love story that so clearly told the story of two people in absolute awe of each other, in a completely insane location.. there was just something so magical about this one. 

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