Meet Renee

I’m a wedding photographer based out of the beautiful, sunny Brisbane, Australia.

In my spare time you could find me binge watching early 00’s rom coms (anything with Hugh Grant or Meg Ryan will do just fine), whilst sitting in my room amongst all my under-watered and overly cliche indoor plants. I have a pug called Winston and a temperamental cat called Alan. I usually spend all of my money on brunch or unnecessarily expensive beauty products. I blame this on my self-indulgent Taurus traits, I just can’t help myself ya know.

I am a fad dieter, which usually lasts for a whole 2 days before giving into my carb cravings. I also have a phobia of anything watermelon flavoured!

I also spend a lot of time watching wedding videos (lame, I know) or reading the latest skincare blogs and spending more money on the above mentioned unnecessarily expensive beauty products. You can often find me browsing the shelves of my local Mecca, making myself feel better about my lack of athletic ability at Lululemon or picking up takeaway from my local Thai restaurant.

On the off chance I’m not doing any of the above, I usually have a camera in hand and documenting someone’s life. I photograph the real, untamed moments. I try and steer clear of those posed, cliche images and let my clients engage with each other in their own way. Those quiet, raw moments together, with nothing else to focus on, those are the moments I encourage.

I sincerely care about love. And my favourite part is that no two stories are the same. I work really hard to capture all the small details of your story, I want to do it the justice it deserves.

You will see me hiding behind my camera a number of times throughout your wedding.. I am a bit of a sucker for those special goose-bumpy moments.

I am a huge believer in appreciating the here and now, living for each moment and taking absolutely nothing for granted. I have learnt a hard lesson over the last few years, and the one thing it has taught me is to make the most of the moments right in front of you. Make memories with the people you love, while you can. Take the opportunity to capture life for what it truly is, right now. One day things will be different and we will only have the memories of the past left. Photographs keep the people closest to you, close forever. The photos of my Dad will always be one of the most valuable things in my home. I can always look back on them and remember those moments for what they were, when he taught me how to use his camera or when we would go on little family adventures together. Those are the memories I want to keep alive forever. These are the things that make me who I am, the things I cherish. I want to know what things make you smile. I want to know what you love most about your partner, I want to capture those moments and those feelings. I want you to have tangible memories from one moment in your life, that you can always look back on and be reminded of those exact emotions you felt on the day they were taken.

I am after that authentic, intimate kind of love.

So hello! I am so glad you have found me and gotten this far. I would love to tell your story.